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AKPERSON ¹ — a term abstracting authenticated human domain space agents and the SKU or product/service code used to designate various levels of paid services.

¹ Actually Known, i.e. tx-identified by in-app tx or Zelle to juanchief@gmail.com noting the userid or email here.

GA² Service Levels

² generally available.

Third Class

Machine agents or anonymous humans who have passed a challenge or are implied to be human in a real time context.

Second Class

Social-networked or e-mail registered. Entitled if tx-authenticated, at 10% of 1st class capitation. Unentitled social-networked has substantial read and some write access, based initially on the foreign network they enter from. If entitled has access to most source code, and some support and general computing resources.

First Class

Full capitation. The tx-authenticated user space is distinguished from the semi-anonymous classes common in various free venues by whatever accountability the financial system has. Open books, among other major differences, distinguish our social networks. In practice, higher level entitlements, e.g. developers, operators, premium app service subscribers, etc. are privileged groups.

Token and Waived Capitation

Quarter fare 2nd class capitation ³ can be used to establish tx-authentication and is available only in-app. As a professional courtesy, personal invitations authenticated with a totp in IRC are blessed as tx-authentic.

³plus any 3rd party tx vendor charges or applicable taxes.

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