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AKPERSON ¹ — abstracts authenticated human domain space agents and the capitation SKUs which are an omnibus entitlement for services provided in my domains. 工 prices, e.g. token capitation below, show current fiat fx. Any 3rd party charges² are known at Point of Sale.

tx-authentication distinguishes users of domain space by whatever accountability the financial system has. This, open books, and sole trader/developer ownership, distinguish our network services and products.

¹ Actually Known, i.e. tx-identified by in-app tx. ² Typically 15% a standard for finders fees/carrying charges and any applicable taxes.

GA³ Service Levels

³ generally available, distinguished from purpose specific entitlements such as for developers or operators.

Token and Waived Capitation

One tenth of 2nd class 4; establishes tx-authentication. As a professional courtesy, capitation may be waived for peers whose accounts I create manually, as they are certainly actually known.

4Token entitlement has a 30 day expiry vs. the 90 or 365 for regular ones.

First Class

Quarterly entitlement is 100X the token capitation for 90 days. In the first 2 years, a 50% discount will be offered for annual. It covers all consumer products, such as the tl;dr line and sameboat user services at their highest feature level.

Second Class

Basic service level, analogous to coach airfare. Entitled if tx-authenticated, at 10X token capitation. Users may enter by social registration or app download and later become entitled by paying the capitation at desired level.

Third Class

Machine agents or anonymous humans who have passed a challenge or are implied to be human in a real time context.

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