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<iframe src="http://www.ai-integration.biz/aii-bookshelf.swf" width=100% scrolling=no height=512></iframe>
<iframe src="https://meansofproduction.biz/FrozeDocs" width=100% scrolling=no height=600></iframe>
<center><a target=_top href=https://meansofproduction.biz/eg/index.php/DocFlash>Original Flash</a><center></html>
Frozen version for display in the wild.
Above: to be adapted for the production version of ... <br/>
Drafts of future '''aii.biz''' docs [http://publicjobshop.meansofproduction.biz/shelfMock.html here]. Third party package documentation linked here may be different version than currently used in live dominion support.<br>
# Link to released volumes in the ai-integration.biz codebook.
# Replace images with those of DNS and Bind (aii.biz), Computer Systems Organization (WFL/DCP), MacLane Categories for Working Math (C-Liu), Contract Theory (Public Job Shop/TE-XP), and cltl-2nd ed. (CL-XSL), In Depth Understanding (AC), and Information Flow (XSQL-EE), Rule Based Programming with OPS5 (OpenAUC/GMD), Blackboard Architectures and Applications (AII).
# Set initial scale equiv to zoom. Integrate for variable number of (except for the top level) generic dynamically generated covers.

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Original Flash
Frozen version for display in the wild.