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    Domain Space™ (𝔻S)   🄯
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Welcome to my domains!

'More...', 'Praxis', and the domain apices orient all classes of visitors .

Embedded app logins are for DevOps, others use SAR.

Domain spaces are private name spaces which automation here integrates for system users with the familiar internet name system (IANA).

Core domain space, privately routes my preserved content and is distinct from my IANA suffixed names ai-integration and meansofproduction.

Brand spaces — enterprise domain spaces, sameboat is the primary one in core domain space, reach it with the IANA '.network' suffix.

After 2024, I will route all but the apices and ac and eg subdomains of and privately and on a MCP station basis.
DS Milestones

75  — systems ( MCP / DCP ) ProdOps & generic app DevOps.
74  — 3 legacy domains begin mostly private routing.
63  — .dom suffix first routed.
43  — first page hosted at ACM.
0    — 1950-01-01 Era Vulgaris, the DS common era epoch.

Over time, complexity increases but so does cohesion. There are thousands of pages in perl, php, and python CMSes, SPAs, and many embedded apps, so that the single domain "site" gives way to

« Domain Space ».


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