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Sources for code, docs, 3rd party venues. My stuff will always primarily be here.

  1. FishEye is used under these special circumstances:
    • Contract client projects
    • Public codesets which are solely maintained by me or unchanging


Bugzilla* against is the default for all active codesets.

(see discussion for pre 2019 repos;).

  1. github, old vcs page

Go there for current state. I'll fork a pkg at github for these reasons:

  • I make changes for my or a clients purpose which are to be shared. This was done with FireBreath, but I deleted that because it (FireBreath) was based on now obsolete browser plugin stuff.
  • If I have possible development intentions and want to make sure the code is there should I choose to act.
  1. Source Forge Whatever is there, I'm not maintaining it.
  2. StackOverflow Two accounts, one predating OpenID and stranded.
  3. LinkedIn mainly use this as the biz FB, so not so much, see also CII in the left nav for non-code related web presence.
  4. Gravatar, associates with the Lycurgus or hammer and lambda images, or possibly a mugshot c. 4714.

* Used JIRA for most of this century but decommitted March 2019.

See Also

  • (older) Source Codes in "Web Portfolio".
  • w3.n in left navigation.