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VCS, here and elsewhere

Go there for current state. I'll fork a pkg at github for these reasons:

  • I make changes for my or a clients purpose which are to be shared. This was done with FireBreath, but I deleted that because it (FireBreath) was based on now obsolete browser plugin stuff.
  • If I have possible development intentions and want to make sure the code is there should I choose to act.

Bugzilla* against is the default for all active codesets (see discussion for pre 2019 repos).

SSO access, as usual manual login for devops use only and new account creation is disabled.

  • Source Forge Whatever is there, I'm not maintaining it.
  • StackOverflow Two accounts, one predating OpenID and stranded.
  • LinkedIn mainly use this as the biz FB, so not so much, see also CII in the left nav for non-code related web presence.
  • Gravatar, associates with the Lycurgus or hammer and lambda images, or possibly a mugshot c. 4714.

* Used JIRA for most of this century but decommitted March 2019.

See Also

  • (older) Source Codes in "Web Portfolio".
  • w3.n in left navigation.