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@ 01:31:09 UTC 5月 26日 4720 黄帝紀年 — Originally embedded en:Intellectual which is what the following two are about.

6 Blossom 4717 - My text gone from lede, happy with current but matches "public intellectual'; Placed image of Barzun while alive, and iirc it was the first on page. See also Freelancer where I've made critical lede redactions.
2 Blossom 4718 - Image of en:Jacques Barzun replaced between above note and now. A slide to faith figures now dominates the page as the latter still does in most of the planet. Not the happy.

I do and have aspired to fulfill both the negative and positive definitions in the lede below, even moreso the negative. en:Sanism is trippy and enwiki is at this writing the only germanic one with it, written from the perspective of the mad community.

Also be careful with the below, when it was embedded some of the external links were to spam/scam sites.