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Master Control Program


"DCP/MCP" is a working abstraction of real machines and operating systems supporting domain space (DS). It has this antecedent timeline in my life course —

4681-84 Experience

I was the systems programmer in a Burroughs shop, the talk page has footnotes on this.

4715 Story

In my domain space concept, it is the designation for the OS superstructure coordinate with the Domain Control Program (DCP).

«MCP» is the operating system abstraction of a cluster, or unit cloud of computers with fast interconnectivity, miniminally 1 gigabit per second. DCP/MCP consists of:

  • MCS — uniform message control, operating as an MCP subject.
  • MCP — conventional OS and process programming level in support of DCP.
  • DCP — knowledge and high level realtime control flow at the whole enterprise level.

in decreasing order of physical, increasing logic scope. DCP, in my scheme, has no analog in conventional operating systems. MCP and MCS are primarily lisp and constitute a high level lisp OS.


α/β period:

In this period the elements of the DCP are conceived in detail, prototyped, marshalled, deployed then productized:

  1. Get working build of all packages in same form they will ultimately be used in the product.
  2. Get working build of newly created elements such as the DGUI/SPO and WFL.
  3. Apply the above to the proto domains.
  4. Workout in service of the proto domains.
  5. Do productization/packaging for mass deployment

CP 4721 roughly corresponds to what is produced by 1 and 2 and the AKDOMHST/SVC SKUs to 5.

Mainframe Redux

The first referent of MCP is the OS of the same name, which was at release 19 in 2019. I was the systems programmer at Daytona Beach Community, now Daytona State College which was then a Burroughs shop as my second multi-year job out of college ('83-'85). [1]. See the talk page for more recent experience with the system that inspires my use of the name. A/the Hercules/Herc390 docker container is actually much closer to what I'm doing with DCP so unless the next release of MCP Express (2021) has a lot of improvements, MVS (3.8) may replace MCP. Similarly, as far as first mainframe production nodes are concerned, zOS will likely replace MCP unless there's no affordable path to it, MCP Express is near current and free which the anywhere near current and even some of the old IBM stuff isn't. In any case my concepts are under this name only as a homage, as is common in the industry, and is not based on the large systems architecture.


Prior to milestones 2 and 4 in the 4718-20 story §, a MCP shell/remote SPO service presenting a modified bash with the following features will be deployed¹:

  • modified regular LSB bash, default debian 10 or ubuntu 18
  • integrated with the C-六 python ADT (ansible, docker, twisted) service
  • carries basic model and implementation of the single system image on its swarm
  • built-in inventory and playbooks for provisioning on AWS and linode

Like MCP, WFL has a sense in my works that is quite close to the thing in Unisys MCP OS but the overall thing is quite different. My WFL concept is more scoped to literate programming and DDD support but one aspect is job control mapped to lang, centrally a dialect of Algol. 1st service just gets a nascent platform up and is essentially the low level bootstrap for the OS concept. Details in the bookshelf docs.

¹ Requiring first class entitlement.

CP 4721

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