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{{Infobox OS
{{Infobox OS
| name                  = NixOS
| name                  = NixOS
| logo                  = [[image:nixos-lores.png|100px|Gentoo logo]]
| logo                  = [[image:nixos-lores.png|100px|NixOS logo]]
| screenshot            = [[image:nixos-kde42-1-small.png|250px]]
| screenshot            = [[image:nixos-kde42-1-small.png|250px]]
| caption                = Screenshot caption
| caption                = Screenshot caption

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NixOS is a functional Linux distribution based on the Nix package manager. It uses a functional script language to maintain the overall Linux host as which is also the basis of the package manager, in a realized solution of the Unix update problem.

NixOS logo
Screenshot caption
Company / developer Universities of Delft and Utrecht
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Free and open source software
Initial release MM DD, 2006
Latest stable release Rolling release
Update method Package (re)Derivation
Package manager Nix
Supported platforms IA-32, x86-64,
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Userland GNU
Default user interface tty
License GNU General Public License, others
Official website http://nixos.org


NixOS uses a declarative approach to 'Nix host and package managment on the bare bones of a Unix implementation. BSD and other Unices are targetted but practically Linux is the only significantly supported OS.

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