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2019-02-04 Update

Effectively, "PHP CMS" here means { Drupal, Mediawiki, WordPress }. Below is mostly 2011 or earlier.

¹     I've used both in paid workA, B, C. The Typo3 site has a cogent graphic of the whole CMS space and here is a link to a a CMS evaluation procedure.
²     Each, however, has its strengths and weaknesses. WordPress is (2013-Q2) a blogging package rather than a general purpose CMS but a blog is content it or TextPattern are great for brochure sites. Joomla/Mambo and Drupal are the most popular general PHP CMSes.
      C5 is WYSIWYG using jquery AJAX and has a decent core design. The last I counted there were at least a 100 PHP CMSes alone.
³     Concrete5 and others state that they will not support IE6. I may do so however, I don't here in my domains but client work is different. Safari 3 or better should be on any Mac, I was just late in upgrading.
4    No reason, I can work with web packages in Java, Smalltalk, .Net, Lisp, Haskell, and Ruby, but this page oriented to the PHP market. See also Encyclopaedia Galactica.