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About the C5 CMS and what you need to support your web in general ....         to my Resume Portal

A Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla or Drupal¹ provides a backend for your web. C5 is also a PHP CMS but superior to both &sup1.

Tour the sample site. (← login there as 'admin' with sent pw. Note: IE 6 and older Safari not supported³)

A strong point of C5 is the entire site is WYSIWYG editable. If possible please reverse any edits you make. If you need a guided tour call me

Hosting, Performance, Development, and Maintenance

Performance is largely a function of your hosting (more...). Monthly support provides a basis for development and maintenance (more...) .

The Look and Feel of Your Site

C5 has two simple themes installed. If you want a custom look and feel developed for your site, you can either hire or graphic artists to work with me for that purpose, give me your specifications, or find some theme or template from the many available and I will apply to create a new C5 theme for you however I am not a graphics artist.

E Commerce and other Extensions

You may want to either develop custom software or have a package such as Magneto, osCommerce, etc. integrated into site. This can be done and in such a manner that visitors to your site will see it as seamless. However the integration of these packages will be superficial and you will still have to maintain their backends seperately.

How long and How much?

As little as 2 biz days if you have your hosting and other arrangements complete. I'd prefer to keep these jobs to no more than 4 calendar weeks and no more than 80 hours of my time. I can supply ongoing support for the minimum hourly charge which is also the min initial development cost ($400). A month of support is included free!

Are there any sites using this?

This uses C5, this uses prior version (C4), this uses C3 .

Are you doing any development with this?


¹ I've used both in paid workA, B. There are numerous others pretty much any package organizing web pages can be called a CMS, WordPress, Typo3, and Mambo are just a few others just in the PHP class
² In my judgement, the order would be C5 > Drupal > Joomla/Mambo. Each, however, has its strengths and weaknesses. WordPress is more of a blogging package than a CMS but a blog is content. Joomla is good if you want just simple mostly static content management. Drupals strength and its weakness is its exterme modularity and the large number of contributed modules. If you want a high quality base PHP CMS to customize or integrate with other open source software I am currently recommending C5.
³ Concrete5 has informed me they will not support IE6. I may do so however, I don't here in my domains but this is different. Safari 3 or better should be on any Mac, I was just late in upgrading.

Note: this service offering currently has little or nothing to with the use of this domain or items in the navigation to your left, except of for my resume portal and the PayPal page.