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The original purpose of the Redvant moniker was to name the separation of some product lines from their domain space aspects. Products developed under its rubric can be compiled for operation strictly on the basis of the FOSS or COTS software upon which they are based without any integration with DS though in some cases this can gut the app if presentation of a DS feature was its purpose. A non-DS application can then supply a new purpose. My tl;dr line and other product lines sold on stores may thus have core function repurposed to such new apps without committing to DS, DCP, etc..

However this separation is only in evidence at the time of its application in GC* projects and this separability is not discussed outside of such projects but it will be evident in the supporting implementation.

  • General Contracting (Rate Chart)


Redvant , or '<dcms' (dcms-bra), is a collective term for software including react and servant within a DCP context and packaged as a reusable resource demonstrated in various applications such as the tl:dr and by the KEE.

"red" could be

react, redis, light in the ~700 nm range, a proper name as in red5, the parfume, lil riding hood, Malcom X, Simply, etc..

and "vant" is just from haskell-servant.


In the original remit, use of Apache causeway (formerly ISIS) or other fat DDD pkg was intended later in fulfillment of our overall DDD product line engineering (as 'redvantis'). Some enterprise users may prefer a java basing of ISIS or an ERP core and this is still an option for GC projects.

However, subsequently, I decided a package I first ran into in the telematics work in '14/15 could be repurposed as a basis for product line engineering and Redvant. Clafer is essentially forked for this purpose here, its repos forked within 6 mo of the Sept. '23 update, which was the first activity on it in some time. It appears to be preserved and maintained but not actively developed which is fine as I intend the baseline here to veer strongly toward actual product line engineering of actually fielded apps and the redvant mission as well as DS DDD generally making it essentially Clafer for DS and my product lines.

Although I mean to keep local clafer tools close to the original on the common code intersection, there will be some rebranding to Redvant instead of Clafer to make clear the diff between just clafer the domain modeling lang and its use here.


This is the sole exposition at this scope and will remain so. Technical detail will be in an eponymous § in the Books DCMS volume.