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Default settings for my red5 server(s) are set into the flash control but can be changed in the UI:

  • server URL should always be: rtmp://
  • (my) view stream name: rrjStream.
  • (your) publish stream name: youStream where "you" can be replaced by your initials if you are not the first caller.
  • follow instructions to the right of the publisher app, additionally connecting audio if you're not using a phone call.

Latency of connection

Any video stream should appear in a few seconds and will of course lag the real-time of a phone call by that amount. Lags of up to 10 seconds have been observed.

Desktop Sharing

I'm currently using for this from my Mac desktop which is 1400x1050 so or screen that size or larger is recommended.

Other Flash from red5 here

If we are not conferencing see my <a href=>flash and streaming media</a> practice page, red5 is always up so see the oflademo there for canned video.