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Genesis of DCP


AutoConsult emerges as the redvant SPA a driver for KEE prototyping, essentially embodying the DCP itself both prior to its full realization and as an ongoing maintained interface to the model.

AutoConsult 4719

Pursuant to our mandate for crass pragmatism (dev readme), the scope of Actual AC has upon exit from divergent creation converged to:

  • Per KEE lang subshells in mcpcms, and irc bots in the SPA, viz.:
  • JuanDaugherty has the prolog nature and is the voice responsive to domain specific events and evaluates messages as valid English text.
  • Patternmaster has the lisp nature and only is responsive to events in the AC interface, where it gives typical irc bot like responses, unresponsive elsewhere.
  • WorldControl has the haskell nature and is responsive to domain space events.
  • Prolog is the default lang for submitted text.
  • Haskell is the default for the domain applications, system and end use, WC has the lambdabot/ghci functionality over DS domains.
  • Lisp, the systems programming lang, is not exposed in this interface but is the superstructure of the MCP and MCSes [1], constituents of the DCP.

This interface will be fully enabled in core DS for all devops users, as a reference use case of the mcpcms and the DDD/KEE basic function.
It interacts with authenticated end users as a general expert on the system (domain space) of all classes.

  1. Message Control System. These are generated by GEMCOS a generalized lisp message processing subsystem for the MCP architecture.

AutoConsult 4717

The basic concept here was that of an AI which is a projection of my practice that can automate what I do as a programmer and operator.

Distant Origin Theory