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P Class Entitlement

A special class of admission to core domain space whose scope, duration, and levels of entitlement vary. This is processed with 'waivers' for the users' DS nick @ devops1.

Covers these special cases

  • Peer Developer

Here 'peer' has a special meaning, distinct from a professional peer which is covered by Professional Courtesies.
It means a developer or enumerated set of them who are the developers of a pkg that is a significant element in my projects.
This entitlement is equivalent to life time F class.

  • Job Clients

Generally Y class pre contract and F thereafter for the duration of the engagment.

  • Professional Courtesies

This entitlement is either F class for 90 days or Y for 30.

  • IRC Interlocutors

Generally S class for a month.

  In each case developer and operator privileges are dynamically determined by trust level and, tx-authentication is still required¹, some or all of the fee is refunded automatically.  

¹ With rare individual exceptions, like SPJ, Chomsky, Knuth, etc.(list not updated).

Root (talk) 03:06, 6 March 2023 (UTC)