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In Domain Spaces ...

See the TLS Autonomy Notice for the basic policy which is realized operationally in domain spaces.

A fundamental adjust is required to use a name space other than what you from the powers that be. It can be easy or hard depending on your individual disposition. We try to make it easy but without shitting you about the realities.

In Communications ...

You are probably already familiar by now with the two common means of authenication and privacy over the internet: logging in with a password and user id known only to you and the party you are communicating with and the use of secure connections signaled usually by indicators on the location bar of your browser.

In any case, the URI should show https not http though some browsers may have scary indicators or intermediate pages to accompany their scary indicators. The important distinction is between https amd http indicating an encrypted connection. The encryption is the same, it is simply that the browser doesn't trust the certificate, but it usually will permit use once you OK the exception.

In Identity Authentication ...

The encryption mechanisms above are augmented by bank verification. All entitled users are either identified real persons or group or corporate constructs who are mapped to real persons by virtue of their traceability thru the international financial system.

In some DevOps contexts ...

Security measures applied generally for AKPERSONs will suffice for DevOps users as far as DS contexts are concerned. However it's not uncommon for third parties to require certs for various development and production purposes, so you may need to provide one or use one provided by them. We don't at this time act as a CA.


There are two keys there under "Juan Daugherty" on 2011-08-12, both me but I don't remember the secret for the older one.

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