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You can use the below to establish PayPal billing for monthly support for your enterprise only if it is a United States or Canadian entity.

  • A single static IPV4 address and a dedicated development server are normally included in this service. See footnotes for restrictions/limits.

  • You can cancel at any time. Your support will continue to end of the established billing cycle (the day of the month you establish the billing).

  • There is a setup associated with supporting any enterprise and therefore this service is only valid after that setup has occured.
    If your support lapses resources associated with your enterprise will be released and a re-setup will be required if you wish to reestablish later.

  • If we've agreed to sell you this service¹ we are available for more work than it covers, it will just need to be billed d seperately.

  • PayPal's service charges are included, the price is $350 USD plus their service fee (2.9% + 0.30). Please contact PayPal for other details of their recurring billing.

  • We will offer the service discussed on the AOY/Value Prop page on an international basis. If you are already setup with the billing established with the button below that will cover your monthly support under it unless advised otherwise during setup.

  • The nominal setup fee is 3 times the monthly which may be more or less in a given actual instance.

¹ (more...)