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'TASKPM' is Task Project Management, a marque designating a service integrating different preexisting products operating on this domain in my tl;dr product line.

Common Domain

A unified abstraction of the Task and Project is the underlying means of unifying the distinct 3rd party products. By Project we basically mean the thing which is the subject of traditional PERT/CPM and by Task we mean the elements of a Project or an idealized To Do list.

Google Calendar

Tasks may flow to and from a Google Calendar and be rescheduling may be attempted there.

MS Project

MS Project 2010 is the baseline of support for the MS product and tasks may flow to or from it.

Task and Time Warrior

Taskwarrior and Time Warrior are supported with the design goal of seamless flow of tasks thru the abstract domain of task tasks and tagged timew intervals.

Task Coach

A fork of Task Coach 1.4.3 is the basis of the UI.

1.0 Story

The above succinctly captures the story. Stipulations on the flows above will be supplied in the build out.

Principles of Integration

Each system operates with minimal modifications

The service provided is integration so any additional functionality is emergent in same.

App and Calendar are real time others are batched

The common domain which is the one shown in the UI pushes changes in real time to the apps and Google Calendar, changes to anything else are batched for user initiated sync.

MS Project Server is not actively supported

Users must proagate changes from a participating standalone instance to which they batch from the service but any use of Project Server should otherwise be unaffected.

The service provides a value added taskd

Users must choose between the service and taskd, as TASKPM uses the regular task sync mechanism against the service.