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Removed stuff generally from wage labor era, e.g. druportfolio. The fork from live to commons was done because there's a lot of stuff in live that should only be in a development, personal instance as well as stuff such as the semantic drupal stuff I don't want in production at this time. To make sure it was clean, I rebuilt from scratch.

While the php part of C-Liu is basically drupal, even as such there are fundamental differences. Drupal supports db independence and this takes you a long way in using it with pg but mysql is still what it's mostly used and tested with. From the beginning C-Liu used postgres.

While the module count is high, I am very sensitive to the quality issue with modules and none are used that don't work or duplicate function done better elsewhere. It's also essentially frozen now, both because I'm not adding more and none are being developed for d7. CLiu and drupal 7 are seriously diverging but with d7 unchanging the divergence is clearer than if d7 were also actively changing. If d9 or later had a greater share of the installs I would consider a migration, but not till after d7 EOL. Right now it's not even close, d7 has nearly 3X that of d9.

Both of the above are the source of issues which will have been worked out in the production commons/AKSAMBAR, live is inherently unstable.

Also, I view this as part of the larger thing of PHP CMS and php use in my domains, the eject to WordPress feature in PG and other MCP/DCP ops that deal with php cmses as objects will highlight this. Drupal, mediawiki, and WP are all in use here with the php stuff they each drag in.

Root (talk) 00:09, 7 September 2021 (UTC)

PHP Monad

There actually is such a thing, though I don't think I had identified at the time I first used the term. Later after seeing the php FP stuffs, I decided to ignore them. Trynna make php like hs is no the fun at all at all. The start thread is undated, it appears on this page in '15 but I think it goes back maybe 4 years further and got chopped in a mediawiki migration. Root (talk) 20:29, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

reference for drupal

For my purposes, freezing on d7. Root (talk) 14:10, 4 February 2018 (UTC)

retraction, tried 8.5.0 and most stuff there now, so will support both, migrate existing modules where not done already or queue for same. Root (talk) 04:11, 27 March 2018 (UTC)

Clarify Time Frame

The time of exposure to C5 was 2005, when it was new I think. Subsequently, by 2008, drupal was my php CMS of choice. Root (talk) 18:47, 24 June 2017 (UTC)

Third Story

At this point d8 is trifurcated and the module migrate UI is in core. So the curation of the set of modules I've been working for some time within a DS integration context is fairly straight forward. Root (talk) 10:22, 15 September 2016 (CEST)

Second Story / recap / DANDE

At this time d8 release is imminent later this year and the current versions are pretty close, there's a module upgrade capability and a new major function aspect of the base core as well as a pragmatic retelling appropriate for the current stage.

Originally we were to cut the rug with bold moves in terms of the Symfony / drupal integration, but now that's essentially settled and/or of lil interest.

Now applying DMU to the module loads in spleg, pjs, and DANDE in a DS context in otherwise straight d8 is the straightforward way.

On rc2 in work domain. Above unsigned but history works. Root (talk) 05:29, 31 October 2015 (UTC)

First Story

C-Liu (六 = 6) PHP integration monad¹.

Implements DCMS for PHP with a Symfony² bundle and d7.

   ¹ And DS support (p2p DNS, domain driven development, the Quadriga, etc.).
   ² Drupal 8 will be Symfony based. C-Liu is part of my free Goods and Services ©