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On authenticated devices, FSA attempts connection to DCMS>, subscriber dial/lookup/passphrase multiselect and Aux 2 state shows. In the wild a simple Ringer shows and is grayed.
In a SSO session, the flat doorbell is replaced by 3 1A2 keys.

I still want to use the visual of the translucent control, possibly will come back to the above. The 3 square pushbuttons 1A2 style is too much for any time soon. Root (talk) 18:52, 1 October 2022 (UTC)

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Visual cues would need currently unaffordable modifications to generalized sense modalities for accessibility but down the road ... . The system itself is an integration of various of my infrastructures with a derived jigasi client, videobridge server, and as many of the jitsi tools as are useful, which sfaik is all of them.

The overall Ft GUI operates with elements such as the taskbar, main screen, and conferees array with elements in jicofo focus to constrain which subscriber pairs are involved and which gestures the subscriber has available. For example single click on a call state prompts for a subscriber lookup, whereas double click when paired with a selected subscriber initiates a call/page. Similary a device and state dependent gesture will determine the scope of an action, a single pair, the whole conference or a selected proper subgroup.

A distinguished agent in a conference call at any one time is the moderator, with overall control. A special case is the second joiner to a call after the initiator who is implicitly a co-moderator without the ability to transfer moderation (unless the user becomes moderator). Initially it is the initiator, the first caller but thereafter it may be transferred to any party to the call who will then have the following functions available:

  1. Join another conference creating or enlarging a global conference.
  2. Terminate the conference
  3. Stream a service to a set of conferees, all or a group.
  4. Mute, Call, or Disconnect any other conferee
  5. Make the co-moderator an ordinary conferee.
  6. Transfer moderation to another user. If the moderator disconnects from the call and goes OFFHOOK, without transferring moderation, the call/conference is automatically ended.


Conferences may have asides of up to four subscribing agents and these may survive the conference call. A global conference is a special case of a general conference with limitations, e.g. asides and subgroups are limited to local conferences and there is no moderation distinct from that of the local conferences. The moderator of the first local conference in a global one can disconnect any local conference, but otherwise each local conference has the same limited access to the global one. The network itself is not a global conference.