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Intent for place of this page

To be replaced in the EG nav with a UI/UX and Software design page. Root 22:32, 11 February 2012 (UTC)

An exchange from craigslist (click on image for the ad)

At first I was going troll you, but took a second look at the
ad and reconsidered. I was really put off by the fact that you
were making demands as if you were hiring an employee
rather looking for biz partner.

I have personal connections to two graphic design types 
both of whom have varying degrees of software capability
but in this one can always use more because graphic 
treatments are and will remain labor intensive and one-off.

My feeling is that one really brilliant backend developer is
worth many graphics/superficial UI/UX workers and potentially
can catylize and enable the labor of an class of same.  
Needless to say when a single individual is performing 
in tasking normally assigned to a multi-person team the
value mismatch is even greater.

 Every biz case is different but in the case where the software
 developer is creating high value generic original software 
 as fungible source code, this dwarfs the value of any
 superficials or client specific graphic work no matter how
 capable nor delivered in how so ever polluted a marketplace.

 BTW, I have over 30 years experience.


XXXX Media
9:43 PM (8 hours ago)

to Juan 
I'm not 100% sure I understand your response, but I believe you 
are asserting that backend development (and developers) bring more 
value to the table than do visual and front end designers due to the
fact that design is often more subjective than coding. I agree with 
you whole-heartedly! That is precisely why I listed the qualifications
I (as the person posting the ad) decided to post. I have worked with many
developers over the course of my career as well and I know not all developers
are created equal, regardless of the "value" backend development itself may hold.
I am looking for a partner to collaborate and build a business… A professional that
will assist in bringing any creative ideas I have to life and enhance them with their
own skill and knowledge… I will do the same for them likewise. Not an employee. But I
do respect your opinion.

Good luck and best wishes! 
Sxxx S.

Juan Daugherty via 
9:56 PM (8 hours ago)

to XXXX 
Thank You, and good luck and best wishes in your search for a partner who is also an assistant.

XXXX Media
11:23 PM (6 hours ago)

to Juan 
Thanks, I'm sure both you and I will be happy it's not you ;0)