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tl;dr a marque story ...

tl;dr[n] where tl;dr is the group marque and n is a specific product line or application variant with ...

These Active App Concepts ...
In order of appearance on stores

  1. tl;dr[PMTA]

    • Personal Carbon Accounting Domian
      The actively developed and product line version of the GT2 app

    • Bike Dashboard
      A focused and accurate bike dashboard with integrations.

  2. tl;dr[TASKPM]

    • Cloud service for personal planning.
      First baseline provides a MCP based service integrating task and timewarrior with PERT/CPM (default implementation: MS Project).

  3. tl;dr[YAS3]

    • Generic Simple Storage Client and FS.
      DS centric S3 client and implementation of the MCP Library file system.

... prolly not but maybe later ...

  1. tl;dr[*ledger]

    text ledger ecosys with interface to current DS ERP core and DCMS Commerce

  2. tl;dr[tldr]

    domain readiness app supporting dns and epp

A Product Engineering line

Software built for consumer use, as opposed to systems software. The style is "tl" followed by colon, dash, or semicolon, "dr", followed by a square bracketed specific product name.

  • redvant based
  • wireframe approach, wireframe as production, CI concept
  • clear separation of standalone vs cloud, standalone meaning ops on a device without a DS backend

A Look and Feel

The conceit of using low fidelity wireframes as a production UI, with elements filled with active working content instead of crossed out static images.

JustinMind is the current selection for this.