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05.12.200712 Meadow, 4705

My statement about not being able to downgrade to IE6 below on the 15th of last month is wrong. To downgrade all you need to do is remove IE7. I have restored the ability to test both IE6 and IE7.

04.30.200730 Blossom, 4705

Time Warner is switching the old Adelphia infrastucture over to their systems in this area which makes some portions of my home web unavailable (DOS and Java processes).

04.15.200715 Blossom, 4705

You may recall it being a large issue a while back how Microsoft embeds thier browser in their OS. Well of course they never stopped that and although I made a seperate account and logged in and installed IE7 in it instead of my regular admin account on my W2K3 server, I no longer have IE 6 anywhere. The workaround is that clients requiring IE6 compatibility will need to provide a working instance of IE6 accessible over the net. kybernet.com link cleared.

03.09.20079 Seed, 4705

Hardware problem with Windows server disk, kybernet.com link cleared.

03.02.20072 Seed, 4705

Hardware problem with Windows server disk, kybernet.com will be offline for a day.

02.26.200726 Wind, 4705

Pending Changes

  • Global dba replaces the regional one.
  • Lisp domain wireframes converted to ucw from cl-http; actual restoration of the bls2iq JSP and beans.
  • CSS Zen Garden appears to have restabilised but it's DNS expires shortly and I cannot vouch for it's future stabilty but will automate the adaptive mechanisms that intercept domain outages for general use by that time.
  • Broken/empty wiki pages/links from the decommissioning of the old external server should be mostly fixed.
  • The first new external server should be online by 1 Meadow.
02.13.200713 Wind, 4704

Noticed an access to the Mensa pages, haven't restored the jsp there, just the Tomcat service supporting Alice (JKnecht/Seldon on Dominion Text), will do so within next 2 biz days.

02.04.20074 Wind, 4704

Offline for roughly 5 hours due to power fluctation and failure of both ISPs.

01.04.20074 Rain, 4704

CSS Zen Garden Seems to be up regulary now.

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