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Biz case #65, the php and python codesets at the core of the Domains CMS.
Defining use cases are the sameboat network and the SaaS/PaaS products.


.network is the current public/IANA suffix. Sameboat commons is the stable [1] branch from my live shared devops both upstream of the geonode deployments (bufyyz, ord, seayvr) .
The common app platform supports C六 and my product lines as a base.

C-Liu(C6*): a part of DCMS based on the Drupal CMS.

"DCMS" refers not just to C六 but to domain content management in the large outside of DCP including mediawiki and other CMS and providing manifold services to AKPERSONS. <DCMS and DCMS> name front and back end elements relative to this PHP codeset, respectively ³.
C六 became a fork of D7 as of 7.99 [2] which contains changes I don't want in core, so it's Dec 2023 not Jan 2025 for C六. At that point a process of migration began with the modules which are already marked unsupported at d.o. These have their .info files altered to point to our servers instead of d.o for revision status. Only those so marked at d.o before it actually terminates support will be redirected as at that point the default will switch to DS servers.

As far as the C六 line is concerned, security and stack issues are DS service level concerns. The cliu/clean (dirty) repos (common/devops, resp.), created with most core and sites/all modules unaltered, formally diverge as of 7.98 and all drupal projects source from clean. D7 module authors get free access even if their module is not under my current curation.[3]

DRD server runs in its last production drupal (currently 10), not modified by me except for the addition of MCP Platform Integration and use of the DS update module.

A Timeline
domains common era after ceremonial

073-12-06 — Drupal 7.99 drops, diverge from d.o.

c. 4721 — IANA .live replaced by .network.

c. 4719 — PG Concept. Fork live and commons prod, rebuilding the latter².

c. 4716 — Pursuant to SA-CORE-2018-004, C六 drupal was rebuilt from scratch.

c. 4714 — First selection of sameboat name based on concept of affinity group support.

c. 4705 — First selection of Drupal as php CMS of choice and the C六 name after C5.

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*C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o

  ³C-六 exceeds drupal tolerances ( best practice), engineering/curation to make it so and make it work is part of the ops concept. Live now has 101 and commons has 77 packages.   D10/11 branch for devops use, other php packages generally track latest release for the operational stack.

  1. Version of function in live may be different from what makes it to commons.
  2. 99 and subsequent d.o releases will be applied selectively so the drupal version number will track d.o until D7 EOL.
  3. S class plus a provided waiver will entitle, message me as Lycurgus in libera or email.