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In crossing a major linguistic and cultural border, the selection of a personal name distinct from one's birth name is called for. I¹ have, skipping the details, chosen the chinese name:

in which the personal name is homophonic with a pronunciation of my given name. In 4704 I was told that "Eddie Daugherty" who abandoned his family probably wasn't my grandfather so for that and other reasons the birth surname was been replaced by the new character (仁) , thus: 仁 人 卷 (R.R. Juan). c. 4713 I had my genome mapped for first time and that indicated that Eddie was in all likelihood an ancestor. The Irish have had a presence througout Latin American for more than 200 hundred years and Daugherty is a common surname, there is at least one other "Juan Daugherty" (in Central America). Note that this name is oblivious to Chinese personal naming conventions and SFAIK, Ren Ren-Juan is unique, as well as probably being gender disphoric for speakers of some Chinese langs.

Have moved to Real™ name as preferred nick either JuanDaugherty or RenJuan, but some of below still in use.

PGP Signature: 60011024 Juan Daugherty (Ren Ren-Juan) <>


Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti beneath the solar disk in the Amarna style.

¹ XE DOB: Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty