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I¹ see the selection of a Chinese name, c. 4704 as the overture to the second act of working life as a two act play, when I chose:

人 卷

in which the second character can be pronounced as is sometimes my given birth name and 仁 as 姓 , which may be replaced by 任 in deference to Chinese surname conventions and while SFAIK,   仁 人 卷   is unique it likely sounds silly/gender disphoric for speakers of some Chinese langs (I was born and identify as cis-male).


Scene I Act II could also be seen as an Entr'acte with thinning tail between some 40 odd years of professional wage labor and the Act II mode of production. First coding c. 4672 but more like 35 y hardcore due to first professional job all fluff in a DoD pre-contract process, although it was highly valuable for me experience wise, and a timeout in 82/83 before the Burroughs experience which is where I first did coding that people used, or any paid ftm. Probably didn have my 10K concentrated hours of paid mastery till the late eighties. Praxis looks forward, to Act II Scene II, the RawringTwenties .

Historical nicks:

  • ... more detailed list

  • "Lycurgus"

    An unserious Character that is always just me live sans automation and generally just character oriented text, utf-8 at best.

Hilary Hahn, Korngold Violin Concerto, Allegro Assai Vivace
exemplifies mastery, virtuoso workmanship

Automated and Semi-automated Personæ

副 驾 驶 >> NLP is the domain agents IRC interface. The first two may also be running in external venues.

  • JuanDaugherty
  • If marked away automated me in external IRC networks, graphics/media supported. In the boot KEE has the prolog nature.

  • Patternmaster
  • Silent outside DS where it has the lisp nature. Required for a channel to be served by DCMS bot services.

  • WorldControl
  • Based on Colossus/Guardian from The Forbin Project , has the haskell nature and is the voice² of core domain space.

PGP Signature: 60011024 <>


Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti

¹ XE DOB: Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty, 公元 assigned DOB First day of 4706 (1/29/2006). ² Paul Frees thru a vocoder.