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    Domain Space™ (𝔻S), is my concept of domain engineering.

   Go in-depth on this tl:dr ¡Bienvenido a mis dominios!9 Ops Blog    
Welcome to my Public and Private Domains!

This page, Praxis, and the  Ops Blog  are meant to orient all classes of visitors .

Use commons SAR, individual app logins for devops use.

SMOG index of these pages: ~ 15.

Finding the "<X> For Dummies" ² guides¹ semi-offensive ³,4 I responded to the disappointed expectations of a single "web site" with this page now linked in left nav by my email address.

Over time, complexity increases but so does cohesion. Ca. 2011, > 1500 user pages were in ecore (modperl CMS) and mediawiki alone, there are other CMSes, SPAs, etc., so the concept of "site" breaks down.

Thus, « Domain Space ».

4720 — 3 legacy domains (cf. long version) begin mostly private routing.

4717 — .dom private suffix routing in anticipation of systems ( MCP/DCP ) and app ( tl:dr[AK] ) products began. Cf. CII / w3.n for personæ.

  mw 1.35 breaking change: if this page unexpected go and cut the article name from the end and then paste it here replacing "Domain_Space". Or insert eg in path after domain in URL.

²  Wiki Article on the Books  PONI  not  Dummy . This page formerly titled "SimplisticOverview" and linked as "This site for Smarties". 4 NAAL proficient level literacy assumed in private space. Credit: Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties'. 9 Sameboat is the central .dom domain.