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bask to SKU: EE-001-001

This is a general work-for-hire support service and bears no relation to the GA service.

¹ I looked for a definition of support retainer. Googling "support retainer" shows a spread of practices. Also there is the wikipedia retainer article. This is a minimum basic retained support service: development, support of multiple users, etc. are not included unless stipulated during initial interaction; the value proposition analogous to that of the AOY/Value Prop page is presumed to have been so established personally by me during said interaction.

In contrast to the GA service I handle all US and CA accounts personally so the number that can be current is limited.

² Use of the server provided with this account is intended for software delivery to production servers but you may do what you like with it subject to the current constraints of the hosting vendor we are using for these servers. Currently the limits are these:

  • Total disk space of server is 40 GB.
  • The total bandwidth per month is 200 GB metered thereafter at 1 U$D per GB.
  • Port speed same as

Any additional bandwidth used will automatically be charged in your recurring billing. In practice this shouldn't be a limitation and we do recommend that you use this server as the root authority in our DNS/IPV6 scheme. Some software can be used in a development role but you must download the media to the server for legal reasons after which we can work with it as your agent. Currently this list is limited to the Oracle 10g and 11i.

The disk space of the server can of course be supplemented by your networked storage (via NFS,samba,etc.).

³ If Windows is your platform of choice there are monthly charges for that which amount to about U$D 200/month for a basic development version of a Windows production site (but without Visual Studio or other seperately licensed MS software) so that you may prefer to make a Windows server with your selection of licensed software instead. On Windows only, we support Oracle 9g.