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Received Usage

By "Troika" I mean: FP, Prolog and Smalltalk. See also the discussion page.

Lang and Parole

Zum Singen ist die italienische Sprache,
etwas zu sagen: die deutsche,
darzustellen: die griechische,
zu reden: die lateinische,
zu schwatzen: die französische,
für Verliebte: die spanische
und für Grobiane: die englische

The above [1] stuck in my mind the first time I saw it in the first edition of Moderne Deutsche Sprachlehre, the text used in my first German course. Apparently it was removed in later editions, so don't look for it :)

Aphorism Perseverated

Received Programming Language Aspects of System Applications

Functional AreaLanguage/PackageProject/Product/Component

GUI/Host Abstraction Algol/Smalltalk/LLVMWFL/DCP SPO .[2].
Middleware HaskellApplication logic
Logic Programming PrologAutoConsult/NLP
Systems ProgrammingC*[3]/LispWFL-MCP-DCP

I am occasionally present (see CII in left nav for nick(s)) in the main IRC channels related to above.


A general and specific synthesis, beyond the langs of choice above, is the design intent of my AI integration of domain space. A general synthesis in the sense that linux instance are the nodes of the OS construct with the full repertoire of programs as available functionality. A specific one in the WFL product where the reference Algol job control level can have bindings for any supported lang, with a healthy selection from the top 10 TIOBE entries.

  1. Grillparzer
  2. ;SPO (the Burroughs system operator console, originally acronym for "Supervisory Print Out").
  3. i.e. C/C++ and Algol68.