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Ft Common Carrier

With origins going back past the Flash Red5 ofla stuff to more recent Skype and lately with Jitsi as default videoconf/desktop sharing, the first commercial platform target, Ft is simply a marque for streaming I use when developing that function. In the current usage, Red5 (no longer supported ofc) would be the Common Carrier for the videotelephony major function. The other major function of Ft is desktop sharing. Ft abstracts these major functions to support various backends.

Jitsi and Zoom currently have implemented backends. Jitsi is currently used for the videotelephony function provided by me and is therefore the default.

Tele is the bundle of Ft major functions embedded in the domains CMS or common app.

Desktop Sharing Major Function

Guacamole, the Apache desktop server is the default and only fully implemented backend for this major function.The videconf providers version may be used if preferred but I only support one for Ft .

If DS session services is connected to it, clicking the desktop link on the expanded doorbell bar should go to the guac server instead of this article. My desktop normally looks the image above.

Secure Connections

Your connection is secure, only registered users can connect to the guacamole server. Once registered, you can check your desktop connect here.

Registration is free and fast using facebook, google or twitter. Manual registrationis discouraged and requires admin approval.


Whether or not I'm involved, which if I am I can live support the activity, the following points can make for a smoother sharing experience. In cases where I am providing professional services, you don't need to be an AKPERSON to use the doorbell but at least token entitlement will be necessary before any service can proceed.

Decide on supporting mode of interaction

Ft Doorbell

The Ft doorbell fronts the selected video service and is the default means of live interaction. You may need to expand the doorbell bar by clicking on the flap to see a desktop link.

Phone Call

Ft doorbell supports a call model and is meant to be videophone call. For this reason unless you are calling to arrange work as a non doer, you should use the doorbell. If you are a doer and expect to do, you should use a desktop instance of the doorbell.


Instead of or in addition to voice and/or video, you can use a supported chat implementation, IRC or embedded (e.g. Jitsi, Guacamole, Discord, etc.).

Setup any remote server connections

Typically this will be ssh sessions with your AWS, Linode, or other hosts. I can help you set this up in a session, if you don't already have it, since you can't really own ur cloud without.

Be at an actual desktop

Tablets such as iPad Pro may be supported later but for now an actual Linux, Mac, or Windows desktop is required.

Close pornhub tabs

Just kidding, but you may want to check if anything sensitive on the desktop needs to be adjusted for the session.