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Pay What You Want Gig
  "wee wig", similar to WYSIWYG, the p is silent
  See also: support session tips.

One where you pay whatever, besides a cover charge ( less than $10 ) upon happy completion at your price stated in terms of my Rate Chart.

Size (and other stuff) Matters

PWYWGs are appropriate for tasks or small jobs, a day or days rather than weeks. S class fee alone may suffice based on my degree of interest in the task.
Make final judgment of what you want to pay live, but ballpark it beforehand. Rate Chart has my current day rates. A subsequent regular contract job is not expected, and I may not be available.
Positive personal interaction has value. I will let you know if it and the cover charge alone suffice for me once I understand the job task, you may still wish to propose a fee in this case.

Key Points

  1. A time-sensitive offer, only a contract in the sense of the domains Terms of Service (ToS). Cover charge waived for active users ¹ but this is not a support or consult channel for DS elements.
    If I've made an offer to do a job as a PWYWG, the rate chart devops rate is just a quantum, pay on happy completion, not retainer, are the terms.
  2. As an alternative to pricing in terms of man days, it may be appropriate in some cases to upgrade your entitlement class to Y or F, or propose a price for a larger job than the PWYWG payable to
  3. A win-win requires clarity in what will constitute your complete satisfaction in performance of the job and what, if anything, you intend to offer for it.
  4. Confidentiality is assured per my privacy policy and end-end encryption ². If you wish, support sessions can be recorded and securely played back from your profile.

¹   S Class or higher: ip-identified, social networked, or lapsed AKPERSONs — cover charge.² E2EE must be enabled in your DS user profile.

Work History

Find out about my wider past, present, and future life as an IT worker from the Praxis link. There is a 10+ page resume and a space from my first working life selling my ability to do jobs, something I no longer do. All the more so for PWYWGs, just advising to dodge an awkward moment. Also, this web space, which I call a domain space, was in fact built by me alone³.

Infra & Performance

Your participation during part or all of the job is supported by a framework in my domain space (DS), which you can use as an Actually Known Person there. The DS App contains various elements of the framework and the cover charge can be paid in-app if you're not already an AKPERSON. Process waivers thru devops1 only. In practice, a job might be performed as a PWYWG without use of my automation to support same.

³ Core Domain Space, as distinct from the underlying operating systems, languages, packages, etc. and ofc other DS operators owned domain spaces, if and when..


Once you go to CMS/SAR and create a domains account with google or apple, this waiver will present a tour of the infra and a clip 'Eject React Native' based on the first PWYWG as if it had been processed using my infra. .