From Cibernética Americana

Windmills I tilt at in 4718-28 (the 2020s XE):

  1. .dom — my TLD
  2. C-六 — php/python nexus
  3. GT2 — personal carbon accounting app, begun as the Green Travel Calculator at start of prior decade
  4. MCP/DCP — distributed AI oriented OS concept, in part an homage to the Burroughs systems
  5. TASKPM — tl:dr™ integration and planning for taskwarrior and MS Pproject
  6. YAS3 — x-platform simple storage system client

Domain driven development, artificial intelligence, worker capitalism are among the interwoven themes.

AC and db/ft are conversational agent and video conf designations, respectively.

redvant, dcms< (dcms-bra), and dcms> (dcms-ket), are designations of technology packaging in support of the above.

tl:dr and sameboat are designations for app packaging (GT2,TASKPM) and C-六 applications, respectively.