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craigslist enterpreneurs

I've had a couple recent, and ofc many earlier exposures to individuals with various IT based get rich schemes which they've been plugging away at for years. I mean individuals with no ability or even intention of doing anything other than having 'a vision'. One was a person who was a veteran reseller of IT labor who long ago attrited out of doing and the other was basically running an employment scam, although possibly not consciously. This is where I am very different. Looked at objectively, and from conventional wisdom, my situation is the opposite of these as I insist on radical autarky and in fact building it myself. The conventional way is the Capitalist one, have a vision and buy labor to realize it. I believe, as I've stated elsewhere, that this is sort of definitional for where Capiatlism can go, the unexplored country where the cheat and the scam are excised and the production possibilities beyond the standard conspiracy against social production are explored. Root (talk) 01:05, 11 December 2022 (UTC)

20 months in

Written before I adjusted for the domain calendar decade starting Feb 2022 XE.

By personal improvement I mean specifically physical and mental condition, more specifically executive functioning. Most of the former is directed to addressing aging and both preventing network degeneration and increasing plasticity, regeneration the success of which will be evident in new personal bests in both functioning of CNS and the periphery. In executive function, I mean the elimination of the kind of negative and counterproductive activities one falls into in reaction to the ambient culture and countering that with the development of increasingly effective and regular replacement behaviors.

At around this time I came to understand that Jeanne Calment only holds the longevity record as a result of shortcomings in historical record keeping and in particular a class bias which is still in effect for supercentenarians of this time. People my current age will surely break that record and they will be in much better shape. I intend to be one of them if I can and know of no reason why not at this time. I'm heterozygous for APOEε4 but this raises the neurodegeneration risk only about 1 σ over background and I believe I am addressing it effectively. I don't have other risk factors and the other relevant genes such as TREM2 are either neutral or favorable so far as I've been able to assay to date. Also it's well established at this point that classical physical characteristics of neurodegeneration alone aren't sufficient for a failed network, people with them continue to function and people without don't showing the inadequacy of current understanding of the phenomena. This is typical of life in current human culture where it's necessary to sort thru conflicting and partial information and misinformation is rife.

As with many stupid beliefs and behaviors people accept that physical and mental degeneration are inevitable, and would say that improvement is inconceivable, but I don't believe this has been established in the manner of a biological correlate of the second law of thermodynamics that necessarily applies to intelligent organisms and I am well positioned by my prior life course to act accordingly on that belief.

With a prospect of decades of good health ahead, and having learned to live on basic income I believe it can only be straight up from here. Getting to a more comfortable income level is important but it's not the most important thing right now. Progress on the lower level projects has been slow and spotty to this point but I still fully expect to clear the entire backlog all the way to a mature AI OS some years before the end of the decade. Also it's difficult to overvalue the worth of a completed conceptualization stage of things, which has been achieved.

Root (talk) 04:07, 5 August 2021 (UTC)

Personal Development per se

Recording here for first time theme I've long had in mind of the difference between the development of an intelligent being and that of animal species.

In the long development of life on this planet and presumably others as well, with or without panspermic seeding of the original building blocks, the individual units of life are disposable and indeed their being disposed of more or less quickly is essential to the rapid development of more complex and capable forms.

Once a form is attained that is a candidate for the title of intelligent being is arrived at however, this situation reverses.

Even simple animal forms already experience and assert opposition to their disposal in the originating process and ultimately our candidate form will have come to the realization that it can do something about it, the state of its ambient culture notwithstanding.

So in this sense there is a strong contrast between development of the person and development of group or species. Culture is also dependent on individual creators to advance.

Sex is the embodiment of the animal program and it (the program) is basically done with the animal once it has reproduced sufficiently. It (the animal) may serve a role in an ecosystem but as far as the intelligibility of the program viewed as an ascent to an intelligent being is concerned, unless such a form has been arrived at, the animal/putative intelligent being is on its own.

For this reason an enlightened person will not view sex as anything other than a subsystem whose functioning must be maintained like any organ system but which should not be viewed as a basis for their happiness or relations with other persons even though early in life such a basing may seem ideal should a suitable partner for same be available.

If I were to let capital accumulation or even success in my projects take precedence over my personal mental and physical development then that would kinda be like basing my life on so called romantic love, i.e. substituting an imposed group drive and its imperatives for the ones that should be of concern to me as a candidate persistent intelligent being.

This is not to say I can't find pleasure in sex, that durable pair bonds can't a source of great happiness, or that I deny the value of capital accumulation as an extension of the life process into culture, far from it.

But first things first!

Root (talk) More08:00, 11 August 2021 (UTC)