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A readme for my web space.
  Operators Blog ¡Welcome to my domains! 8 Developer README
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Finding the "<X> For Dummies" ² guides¹ semi-offensive ³, I responded to expectations of a single "web site" by some guests, puzzlement which randomized artistic elements may increase.

« Praxis » (←), like this web space, has current and legacy layers of my work life.

SSO auth into this CMS, login link for Operator use.

SMOG index of this page: ~ 15.

This page, Praxis and the  system blog  are meant to orient the general visitor.

Over time, complexity increases but so does cohesion. Ca. 2011, > 1500 user pages were in ecore (modperl CMS) and mediawiki alone, there are other CMSes, SPAs, etc., so the concept of "site" breaks down.

Thus, « Domain Space ».

Legacy content and ongoing function will migrate to specific of the 3 domains top center, but in 2018 this separation is just beginning.

4717, I created the .dom private suffix and began distributing lines of system ( MCP/DCP ) and app ( tl:dr[AK] ) products. Cf. CII / w3.n for personæ. I attempt AI integration of domains.

領土 空 间 private since 2018.
.dom via (sameboat).live Donuts suffix thru 2021Q3.
the current public suffix changeable with 90 d system blog notice.

  1. First, this is my development space. Production, vended in-app from 3rd party domains (Apple, Google, and Shopify) has SLA specific flows that may include content from here. The authentication and private suffix perimeter is a boundary between my private prod and public dev domain spaces, where public means the anonymous wild.

  2. Second, only the 3 Neustar .biz domains in blagojevich gold above 5,7 are currently public, bound to ancient layers6. I support the .dom suffix both for my DDD and as a community service for the KASTALIEN alt-root from which the 3 domains will be available with .dom suffix after their Neustar registrations expire (per alt root).

  3. Finally, sketches, current production landings, abandoned dead-ends, working prototypes, «concept stories» are in the dev space mashup. Before 4717, decades could elapse from first conception of a thing to its vintage doing, with accretion since ACM hosting c. '93/944, but thereafter a big crunch.


¹  Wiki Article on the Books
²  PONI  not  Dummy . This page formerly titled "SimplisticOverview" and linked as "This site for Smarties".
³  NAAL advanced intermediate or proficient level literacy are assumed here. Credit: Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties'.
4 When it had web hosting and VMS shell accounts (  the first page).
5 wik-cso.dom is a biz context.
6See the 2nd § in "Praxis" in re said legacy content. owned by me in the nineties, last I knew was registered in Russia. cf.
7Tip: most browsers will show the URL of a link in some form. Welcome to the revolution, which as it turns out is sort-of televised, but with worker control of the programme.
8 Routed by the sameboat alternate name root.