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Pay What You Want Gig
  "wee wig", similar to WYSIWYG, the p is silent
  See also: support session tips.

One where you pay whatever if anything upon happy completion. At least free registration as a user of these domains is required and generally the minimum entitlement paid in-app ( a less than $20 cover charge ) .

Size (and other stuff) Matters

PWYWGs are appropriate for tasks rather than jobs, hours rather than days. S class fee or none at all may suffice based on my degree of interest in the task.
Positive personal interaction has value. I will let you know if the cover charge can be waived once I confirm the nature of the task. You may still wish to select an entitlement level in this case.
Make final judgment of what you want to pay upon live interaction but ballpark it beforehand. A subsequent job, if available, can be at the subsidized day rate.

Key Points

  1. Cover charge paid for active users ¹ but this is not a support or consult channel for domain space elements and the domains Terms of Service (ToS) is the only contract.
  2. I may suggest in some cases to upgrade your entitlement class to Y or F, or DevOps. has an RFP template I can use for an actual job for which the rate chart has my current rate tiers for interpolation .
  3. Confidentiality is assured per my privacy policy and end-end encryption ². If you wish, support sessions can be recorded, infra supporting that will be in your profile which you can use beyond the PWYWG, service entitlements expire but most relevant functions in context of this page are free.

¹   S Class or higher: ip-identified, social networked, or lapsed AKPERSONs — below that.² E2EE must be enabled in your DS user profile.

Work History

Praxis, future focused, is about my whole IT work life but this landing is more apropos this page. PWYWGs are not jobs but they are part of my work life. In the past I prepared a lot of web matter selling my ability to do jobs, which I no longer do period, let alone for a PWYWG. Also, this web space, core domain space, is in fact conceived, developed, and operated by me alone³.

³ Core Domain Space, as distinct from the underlying operating systems, languages, packages, etc. and ofc other DS operators owned domain spaces, if and when..

Infra & Accounting

In practice, a PWYWG might be executed without use of my automation to support same as was the case for the first one. I do require registration and may credit the activity as donated labor time for tax purposes on my books even if you pay nothing.

To Proceed

In your domains account use the doorbell (available in real time if button is light blue) or email .