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See in left nav if new here. In 2019 there are about 23 million software developers, about 0.3% of the planet, but life long commitments are rare. One working class lad ...

2019 -

I choose the « domain » (領土) as a nexus of my work going forward with —

  1. domain driven design of my apps and bespoke others,
  2. generic domain knowledge engineering support,
  3. a system for unified operation of i, ii, and
  4. an autonomous DNS (域名) peering scheme.

Rest of this § a digression on political economy in this period.

To paraphrase 邓小平, it is indeed glorious to become rich, but not by expropriation and not at the expense of the best possible development of society at large.¹

I am very far from thinking that the acquisitive instinct is fundamentally wrong or that altruism is necessarily right. I definitely believe that selfishness which does not harm others can be a virtue, it's just that so far, a social form that makes it so has not been achieved and indeed the apparent trend is away from a high point in the last century, not as was thought then as a result of totalitarian socialism but rather ironically as a result of the global dominance of doctrinal capital with its supposed philosophical base in individualism.

Defined as a basing of society solely on the principle of accumulation, Capitalism will ultimately be unsustainable because of the unappreciated aspect of mortmain. Every social order puts someone, a class, in charge. Globlaized Capitalism is unique in that it just puts a class in charge and an abstract one at that. It's just false that that class operates in the way former orders did to control and order society actively, indeed they are incapable of doing so since the globalized class is inhibited by a number of practical reasons from being the same kind of conscious actor that a national bourgeoisie can be and most simply pursue their own interests and genuinely don't desire power aside from that which accumulation confers. It is this rudderlessness which ultimately will cause a return to Capitalism just being an economic regime within society organized on some other principle(s) as was the case in its progressive period, and is the case, e.g. in Communist countries where a strong party controls it.

1993 - 2018

Much of the web content initially had as its purpose job seeking. Below are pages that were current when this page created, most were formerly in the stuffs box to your left before 2019:

Agile Praxis Jobs FAQ
Ft Concept UI/UX Artistry

This content is maintained, to the extent that it is, for various purposes and works where it works, e.g. Shockwave Flash (like the Old Web Portfolio), or areas broken by TLS (https), modern browser constraints, etc., which may or may not be fixed. Some content like the responsive CV space Tour, things related to the long tail technical debt mentioned in the README (, are maintained. Cover page and long (10 pages) resumes are downloadable at the top of the Tour landing.

1974 - 2018

This was the wage labour moeity of my work life, which is given fine detail starting with Praxis Tour which has a responsive bootstrap tour, c. 2015 with drupal sites for desktop and mobile devices, a cover page and 10 page resume, etc..

1974 is the actual start because that's when I took training at the schools Control Data was running and actually did first programming, but I went back for a 4 year degree majoring in Math and CS and only had operator jobs until 1980. I did have a DP course at a community college before CDC in '73 which pushes it back to my teens. The Control Data Institute I went to btw, was in the building shown on the Bob Newhart Show at that time on Michigan Avenue as being where he had his office.

From the late nineties I mostly worked remote, but did work on-site in Buffalo in '14, and from the late 80s 60% or so of my work was on a contractor basis, by the turn of the century independent of job shop parasites. From late '18, for the reason explained in the prior §, I consider this phase of working life ended, the last actual gig was spring '18. The character also discussed in theat §, together with a less than propitious childhood, lead to a less than stellar success in my first working life, as far as success is measured in money and the like. However I think it was a tremendous success in delivering me more or less whole, as a life long learner with a high IQ, and considerable depth of experience as an IT worker, to this point where I can work for myself, society at large, and free, open source production.


Pretty picky these days about jobs. Avoiding the bad feels is priceless. For everything else, there's Mastercard !! I only work for and as American Kybernetik


From the earliest age, I have been resistant to authority, which for the most part, given the state of human societies through to the present, is generally illegitimate. Why? Because essentially every society up to this time is organized on the principle of domination of others in order to extract the value of their living labor, make individuals conform to local belief systems, etc. Progress is ever countering this over the long march of history because it is inimical to human nature but paradoxically, in this time, 資本主義, the doctrine of the extraction of value from labor, is also the one that makes it possible for individuals to be free of domination, if they can work for themselves. To the extent that it is organized for the well being of all the members, like a healthy body in relation to its cells, the authority of society is legitimate, and because this is the reason for society to exist at all, over time the progressive outcome becomes more certain and manifest.