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θεωρῐ́ᾱ — φρόνησῐς — ποίησις — πρᾶξις

70s CE (2020s Era Vulgaris)

DOPE [1] & 工 王

As Equity Class founder, moving via 工 王 from seriality in, to fusion with, the reserve army of labor/FOSS commons.

As Sotware Auteur, operating in select jurisdictions per review as events warrant.

As a fellow humong, sharing the thrill of reaching the milestone of scientific situational awareness ( as a species ).

By 74 divergent production of cog and machine design concepts gave way to convergent dev of first ops baselines. Independently, an app product line to receive them as support was brought to market with technical debt cleared for a second system by '75 (w/o the effect).

  The Sistine Chapel took 5 years, static content & Don Knuth started TAOCP in 1962.

SAR access to non-DCP sources via the repos link in the left nav.[2][3] Development of a bespoke app, or developer use of the KEE[4], requires DevOps entitlement. The 2011 Android Green Travel app is generalized as PCA, android/iOS PMTA app in the tl;dr line. The consumer product lines will be in maintenance after early major function baselines.

In chrono order of completion; Besides DCP, all are in maintenance after mature baseline ...
修身 — Zero-th precedence. Failing it moots projects, if it succeeds failure in them tolerable / temporary.

  1. .dom — Domain Space (DS) [5]
  2. C-六 — Domains CMS
  3. tl;dr[λ]™ — (PMTAs, TASKPM, [6] YAS3 [7] ) & Tweaks ™ for android / iOS
  4. MCP/DCP — OS concept with homage [8]

AutoConsult, Ft: legacy labels for agent and videotelephony infra.
tl:dr / Tweaks are consumer app and sameboat group networking, product lines, respectively. [9]

  1. Domain Operations and Planning Expert.
  2. Sources of C-六 and the tl;dr products are available per entitlement.
  3. Mechanism vs. content: DCP will remain binary dist, while it's knowledge bases will be in standard file formats. Even documentation will be deferred past the first cohort of knowledge engineers other than myself. Everything else (including MCP) is maintained here in source form and can be the basis of various development opportunities.
  4. Our Knowledge Engineering Environment
  5. The .dom TLD in operation for most of the prior decade, support for it deepening in this one. The name has been routing since c. 2014, encompasses everything else.
  6. Bindings for MS Project, task/timewarrior, etc.
  7. FUSE client and manager for MCP
  8. Mainly Burroughs, VM/CMS from IBM. MCP the base OS, DCP the cog arch.
  9. Redvant(is)/dcms< (dcms-bra), and dcms> (dcms-ket), designate stack layers.

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